2023 Theme: Who is a great public speaker? 

This year, we challenge you to explore the art of public speaking by reflecting on a great speaker who has inspired you. Your chosen speaker can be a well-known figure from history or someone who may not be widely recognized, but whose oratory skills have left a lasting impact on you.

Your speech should provide reasons explaining why this speaker is exceptional. Do they capture their audience’s attention in an interesting way? Do they use rhetorical techniques in a particularly effective way? Or perhaps their talks have made a significant impact on society or their community?

We invite you to deliver a thought-provoking speech that showcases your own skills as a public speaker, while paying tribute to the greatness of your chosen orator. Use examples and support to develop your argument for your speaker. The floor is open for you to make a compelling case for why your speaker deserves recognition as one of the greats.

We look forward to hearing your insights and witnessing the power of your words as you share your thoughts on a great speaker.


Learn more about the contest on this year’s information and application page.