The CSD partners with Braver Angels for a debate on policing policy

The CSD worked with the non-profit Braver Angels to host a large public debate on Washington HB 1363 dealing with police vehicular pursuits.   HB 1363 was introduced in the 2023 legislative section. The new bill seeks to reduce the threshold from probable cause to reasonable suspicion AND expand the list of violations to simply “criminal offense.” The relevant passage ... >>


2022 Nyquist Speech Contest Winners

The 2022 Nyquist speech contest winners are in. Judy Kimball, Vice President of Marketing at GLG, and Evan Seguirant, Senior recruiting manager and Twitter, served as the judges. Both Judy and Evan coached in the Center years ago when they were undergrads at UW. This year, the contest was open to all UW undergraduates. Students submitted speeches in response to ... >>

2022 Nyquist Speech Contest

2015 Speech contest winner, Majit Golden   The 2022 Jody Deering Nyquist speech contest is now open! Given the craziness of the past few years, this year's theme is: What lessons should UW learn from the COVID pandemic? The theme allows for a wide range of ideas about how the UW community should plan for a post-pandemic era. In support ... >>


CSD hosts a debate on the WA Cares Fund

The Center for Speech & Debate kicked off 2022 with a debate on the long-term health care policy, the Washington Cares Fund. Students in the COM 234: Public Debate class studied the WA Cares debate for weeks, reading and analyzing the case for and against the payroll tax (.58%) funded state long-term health care insurance plan. The plan was voted ... >>


Nyquist Speech Contest

2021 Contest winner, Evan Whitmeyer   Just some advanced notice that the deadline for submitting your speeches for the Jody Deering Nyquist Speech Contest in on April 22nd, 2022. After the April 22nd deadline, Submitted speeches will go through preliminary judging rounds, guided by the Center director. Those not advancing will be notified via email. The top six speeches will ... >>

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