2023 Speech Contest results

The 2023 Nyquist speech contest winners are in. Megan Braun, Marketing Manager at Amazon Go, and Karli Casto, Founding Principal at pilotED Schools, served as the judges. Both Megan and Karli coached in the Center years ago when they were undergrads at UW. This year, the contest was open to all UW undergraduates. Students submitted speeches in response to the theme: ... >>

What AOC can teach you about public speaking

In this video, CSD tutor Jamie Christiansen examines how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses style and argument in her response to Ted Yoho. Jamie translates this effective speech into some tips to improve your next speech. Originally created for her COM 320: Advanced Public Speaking class, Jamie has agreed to share this resource with the CSD.

CSD Debate: Who was the greatest heavyweight of all time: Joe Louis or Muhammad Ali?

The “Rhetoric and/as Boxing” course moderated a heavyweight debate. Two high profile boxing writers debated the resolution: “Who was the greatest heavyweight of all time? Joe Louis or Muhammed Ali?” Arguing for Louis was Bernard Fernandez, a 2020 inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Arguing for Ali was longtime Ring Magazine Managing Editor, Tom Gray. We followed a ... >>

Students speak to residents at Aegis Living assisted care

Communication majors, Olivia Knoll, John Harrison, and Jamie Christiansen, delivered speeches to the residents at Aegis Living in Ravenna. Each student delivered an informative speech from their time in COM 320: Advanced Public Speaking. Olivia talked about the research on the effects of gratitude. John spoke on the science of jet lag. Jamie explained the nature of (and her experience ... >>

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Public speaking in virtual reality

Exciting news! The Coursera public speaking course now includes virtual reality technology to enhance your public speaking practice. Read more about how we're using VR to take public speaking skills to the next level! Soon, we'll be bringing this tech into the CSD to augment our coaching!

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